Pro-mo - Produttori di Stoviglie Monouso in Plastica

Our Vision

Who we are, a group of single-use plastic tableware manufacturers, was established in 2007 within Unionplast, the association that brings together Italy’s plastic processing and manufacturing companies, which, in its turn, is a member of the Rubber and Plastic Federation of Confindustria.

1.’s primary goals are to protect the image of the sector and the in-depth study and popularisation of the economic, social and environmental issues associated with this product category.

2. The group actively promotes and supports scientific studies on single-use plastic tableware, the way it is used and what to do with it at end of life, according to the simple principle “do not waste, do not litter”.

3. Besides a commitment to combat littering, the association undertakes and supports awareness raising activities.

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Read the comparative LCA on tableware. Surprising but true: the impact of the environment of the life cycle of plastic tableware – in polypropylene and polystyrene – is lower on average than the impact of compostable single-use tableware made of PLA and cellulose pulp..

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